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BH DragonflySymbolism of the Dragonfly

Dragonflies have existed for millions of years. As other creatures have evolved, dragonflies have remained mostly unchanged, as evidenced by their fossilized impressions in stone, and their preserved bodies encased in amber.

Simple, yet elegant, in their design, the body of the dragonfly allows it to fly above the water and glimpse far below the surface. Its wings beat slowly, in comparison to other flying creatures, propelling the dragonfly forward or backward, side to side, even straight up or straight down… or allow it to simply hover in place.

The dragonfly’s eyes see in all directions at once; it perceives the world around it perhaps more completely than does any other creature. And its iridescent body reflects the beauty of that world in every color imaginable.

Words are like that.

While not quite “iridescent,” in the right hands, words can be arranged to reflect the beauty of the world around the writer. A skilled writer learns to see beyond what is right in front of her, and instead looks in all directions at once, arranging the words so that others see what she sees, feels, experiences.

Best of all, words are timeless. Decades, centuries, millennia from now, someone can pick up a book and live a story through the eyes of the writer.

Turquoise, Orange & Brown

  • Brown represents grounding, strength, and support; a good foundation.
  • Orange is the color of creativity, artistry, and inspiration.
  • Turquoise represents the voice, communication.
  • Together, these colors offer a solid base and creative truth to convey a strong message that stays with the reader.

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