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Like most people reading this, I have friends, a couple of really close friends, and a handful of mentors who serve to guide me (and talk me down from the ledge) in certain areas of my life.b

Among these is a Queen Among Mentors when it comes to the business side of writing, and she looked at my business card and asked why my writing business, my books, and a separate “hobby” project all had separate websites. She suggested I combine them all under one umbrella to make it easier for people to find out about the different services I offer.

“What would I call that?” I asked her.

“People might know you as a content writer, or they might have met you at a book-signing, or they may have stumbled across one of your advice posts, but they all know you by your name, right?”

This made sense, and I added that to my To-Do List of Smart Things… two years ago!

Now, I didn’t actually wait that long to create a site. In fact, this site has been up for a year. I’m ashamed to say I just haven’t been using it, partly because I’ve been so caught up maintaining the other sites that I just didn’t have the time to focus on what makes this site so great.

Several weeks ago, a content client asked me about my writing classes. Then another said she knew I wrote books, but she didn’t know they were fiction, and she knew of people in her network who would be interested in the subject. And the hobby site has taken a back seat, simply because the majority of the people who subscribed to that site now follow my musings on a social media page.

Intuition cover 2015
The latest in The Lightbearers Books series: INTUITION, will debut in September, 2015.

That’s when the voice of my writing mentor echoed in my head: “Combine them all under one umbrella to make it easier for people to find out about all the things you offer.”

This site has been live for a year – I just paid the renewal on GoDaddy, which was the final kick that I needed to set this project in motion.

Welcome to the home of Beth Hermes: Writer, Writing Coach & Author… and someone who is going to do a better job of listening to her mentors!


Don’t have a mentor? Look for someone with these qualities:

Respect – for you, as well as for themselves

Trust – to keep quiet about your fears, issues, even your accomplishments (which are yours to share, when you’re ready)

Honesty – someone who will give you the right answer, not just the one you want to hear

Reciprocal – they’re not just there to hear themselves talk; they listen well, too

Generous – with praise, support, and suggestions (when needed)




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