I’ve always loved words, and the magic that comes from a well-told story.

Dorothy had her Yellow Brick Road; my road has been paved with words, stories, books. As a child, I devoured Newsday, Life Magazine, Reader’s Digest, and the works of storytelling masters like John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Amy Tan, E.B. White, and Dr. Seuss. With their titles on my bookshelves, I was surrounded by my closest friends.

My obsessions with Greek Mythology began in elementary school. Fast-forward twenty-odd years, when I met and wed a man whose last name is Hermes – the Greek God of Communication. You can’t make this stuff up!

My whole life has been a series of Happy Accidents – serendipity – most of which have propelled me along my Path of Words.

I earned my Journalism degree at Auburn University, and was appointed Features Editor for the award-winning Auburn Plainsman: a storyteller’s dream come true!

My employment path includes newspaper reporter, medical office worker, non-profit director, real estate development PR director; every position involved working with words.Bliss May 7 profile

My light shines brightest when I create and when people enjoy my writing, and I am fortunate to share my zeal for the written word with students and clients in my current work.

Good writers steer their craft with observation and a thirst for answers. We use our spare time as much to gather tools for use in our writing, as to relax our perpetual-movement minds.

When I’m not writing (or facilitating writing workshops), I’m with my husband or our two grown children, or spending time with my Quarter Horse, Bliss. I love my sassy friends, driving my convertible (“topless,” of course!), finding delicious new vegetarian recipes, and sharing positivity and joy.

That’s my story so far… and it just keeps getting better!